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Fun fact : I LURVE skin care.

I actually started a beauty blog a few years ago, and then realized quickly I couldn't produce enough content on a regular basis so I quit, BUT the love for beauty products still has a special place in my heart. I'm always scouring the internet to see what the latest skin care product has to offer, so let me just say that I was beyond elated when Carolyn at Careology Skincare contacted me and asked if I wanted to work with her team.

Careology Skincare has sensitive skin users in mind. They have AWESOME ingredients in their products and never add the crappy stuff that might irritate or inflame your skin. I can totally respect that in a company. They are a pure, natural, sustainable and cruelty free skin care brand.

Softening Facial Cleanser

I personally love to use their products during my evening routine.

Normally I start off my nightly routine by using a cleansing oil to break down the make up. I then completely remove the make up with some cotton rounds and Micellar Water (Garnier has one of my favorites).

After the makeup removal process, I go back in with a through cleanse of my skin. I love reaching for the Careology Sweet Raspberry Softening Facial Cleanser.

This cleanser is so gentle on my skin! Its sweet scent is lovely and I love when the beads in the product melt into your skin while washing. It never feels like its stripped my skin, but truly cleansing it.

After drying off my face, I would then continue on with toning my skin and adding any serums I'm using at the moment.

One of the last steps to my routine (which is my favorite part) is applying moisturizer. Careology's sweet raspberry soy recovery night cream is ABSOLUTELY heavenly. I personally think any skin type would love this product. It intensely moisturizers without making your skin feel greasy or overloaded.  

There is nothing better than getting a big ole dollop of this moisturizer and lathering it on! My skin feels plump and fully hydrated the day after! So lovely!


Love this combo!

Love this combo!

Overall, I'm impressed with this combo of products. I think my skin loves it and I haven't gotten any breakouts from them at all. If your interested in what they're about, you can check out their website here. Thanks to Carolyn and her team at @careologyskincare for sending the products my way! I love supporting local companies that are small and starting out! I would love it if you went and checked what they were about!



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