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First Trimester Update // Baby Kruse

First Trimester Update // Baby Kruse

Cant believe the first trimester of this pregnancy has come and gone. Holy smokes did it go by quickly!

Community Coffee

I first want to say a huge thank you to Community Coffee for sponsoring this post. Community Coffee is a 100 year old, U.S. owned coffee company and is made with 100% arabica beans that are high quality. Mike and I loved the richness and how smooth the coffee was, and honestly it couldn’t have come at a better time. The only reason I had any sort of energy the first trimester of pregnancy was because of Community Coffee (which i’ll get into later). You can find the new American Classic Canister at a local Walmart near you or at https://www.walmart.com/ip/seort/367816025 online. If you go through as much coffee as we do, and appreciate affordable coffee, then I HIGHLY recommend checking them out.


I just want to say a huge thank you to everyone that read my last post on how we found out we were pregnant. I think it might have been the most traffic my blog has ever gotten, so I guess some of you out there are curious. SO THANK YOU. :)

As I mentioned previously, I had NO idea I was pregnant. Or at least I never associated some of the symptoms of those early days as pregnancy. Once I looked back after figuring out I was, then a couple things started to make sense.

I had one moment of utter nausea in the beginning days before I knew. Now, if you work in an acute hospital type setting as a nurse you will understand when I say - my job can be REAL gross. Even though you work in the industry for a long time (in my opinion), you will still think things are gross, you just end up getting desensitized because you encounter it so much and you have to remain professional. I had to get this patient ready to leave, and it may or may not have involved washing out the yeasty parts of her folds. I remember a wave of nausea hitting me so hard in that moment. I ALMOST told her I had to leave. I took a couple deep breaths and it passed (thankfully) and I continued on. Totally attributing it to the circumstance. Hindsight - something like that wouldn’t have caused me nausea, so that was my first “morning sickness” appearance.

Another thing that was strange in the beginning was I was experiencing these CRAZY vivid dreams. Like I had a dream someone told me I was pregnant. It was bizarre. The last thing that I thought was weird, was my skin had never been better (turns out It might be my skin care regimen) but i’ll talk about that later.

The first couple of weeks after learning, I really didn’t experience anything other than the above (maybe just more frequent pee trips lol). There was no more nausea, no food aversions -nothing! Around 5 or 6 weeks though, I started waking up with this “funky” feeling. That is the best way I could describe what I was feeling. It wasn’t nausea (I had a stomach virus twice this year, so nothing even close to that), but it was this feeling that if I didn’t eat something, I could potentially get nauseas? So weird. So, I started eating ALL the time. I HAD to eat breakfast right away, and drink a bunch of water or else that funky feeling would get worse. As long as I ate - I was fine though. That feeling lingered all day long though. It wasn’t just in the morning, it would creep up every few hours. Honestly, it was very manageable for me. Around week 6 though, something devastating happened….

The idea of ice cream nauseated me.

I know. So sad right? It just came out of nowhere - I was thinking of the new cereal ice cream place that I had recently become obsessed with and BAM this gut reaction was like NOPE. YUCK. PUKE. GROSS. So then all ice cream (particularly) soft serve, still makes me frown and want to puke. If you know me - you know well that i’m ice creams biggest fan. So the idea of it made me sad, but no more weekly visits to ice cream places or ben and jerry’s a few times a week. lol This so far has been my biggest food aversion.

Moving forward; If you don’t know this, some OBGYN clinics wait till you’re 10 weeks for your first appointment. So our first appointment arrived and I was SO nervous. We started the appointment with an ultrasound. I came FULLY prepared for a transvaginal exam (which normally happens the first visit), but the ultrasound tech decided to just start with an above the belly ultrasound first. She found the baby right away cue the tears and started taking the measurements. She then started asking me questions about my dates and looked some more on the ultrasound, turns out - I thought I was 10 weeks, I was actually 8 weeks. She said we should have done a transvaginal exam if I was 8 weeks, but she got enough information that they needed with a normal ultrasound.

Our little squish. :)

Our little squish. :)

We then met our midwife (who came highly recommended by my good good friend) and she went through the basics. She also said that morning sickness can amp up from 8-10 weeks, so she gave me some great tips on how to control it.

After that appt, unfortunately I would say that the funky feeling got worse, and I started to feel a little nauseous. I also started to get annoyed with how often I was eating in order to manage it. One recommendation for morning sickness, is lemonade. So I bought one of those water enhancers flavored as lemonade and that was my go to drink for the rest of the first trimester. It helped a TON.

Around 9 weeks is when the tiredness and crazy emotions REALLY hit me. I would say that I always was tired and would take naps before pregnancy, but then the fatigue worsened and at times was unbearable. I’m not going to lie: there may have been a few days of me taking two naps in a day. I was just THAT tired. Normally I had enough energy at work to get me through, but 10:30am would hit and my body would start to CRASH. On top of that, trying to manage the little nausea I had was hard.

This is where Community Coffee saved my butt. My midwife approved 1-2 cups of beverages with caffeine in them a day. Online I learned its around 200 mg of caffeine. I needed ALL the 200 mg of caffeine in coffee to get me through the day. Thank God coffee wasn’t a food aversion (like some people experience) and I drank that coffee every morning in hopes that it would get me through till midday. I would still come home from work most days and just nap, because my energy was so drained. I then would end up going to sleep early for the night, and still be able to fall RIGHT back asleep during the 2 trips to the bathroom throughout the evening. So. stinkin. tired.

For our 7th wedding anniversary we went to Los Angeles. My husband is a pretty high energy person, and I felt TERRIBLE because I couldn’t keep up with him. I still had to take naps while we were there, and we ended up going to bed pretty early. Thankfully he has been the absolute best throughout this time. There was one day that I accidentally scheduled myself for an evening shift and then had to come back the next day for a day shift. I text Mike midway through that day shift and told him I was going to be worthless when I got home. His immediate response? “Don’t worry, I’ll take care of you tonight.” Cue the tears again

The last thing I want to talk about that stood out in my first trimester was my skin. Coming off of birth control I had anticipated cystic acne. The complete opposite happened. My skin has NEVER been better. I don’t really know what to attribute it to. Most online articles say that majority of pregnant women will experience acne from all the hormonal changes, they also say - a small percentage of women can actually experience the pregnancy “glow”. I hate to say this but, I may be that small percentage. I never had bad skin before, but now - I can confidently leave the house without make up and feel great. I look at my skin now and think, DANG, I always wish it looked this good. I’ve also come to think it has to do with my skin care routine as well. I use 5 skin care products religiously. (I will link all of these)

  1. The La Roche-Posay Hydrating Gentle Cleanser

  2. Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water

  3. Thayers Rose Petal Witch Hazel Toner

  4. Sephora Nourishing Moisturizer

  5. Sephora Supreme Cleansing Oil

I have been using those for months and my skin looks INCRED. Around 10 weeks I had ran out of the La Roche Posay cleanser, and was feeling cheap. I went and got an elf cleaner and immediately I could feel it strip the oils on my skin. 2 days later, my skin had broken out ALLLL over my chin. It was no bueno. So after using that elf product for a weekend, I quickly ditched it and went back to the Posay and right away my skin went back to normal and looked great. No breakouts, no dryness, no oiliness - just normal skin. SO, I would say a little bit of it was pregnancy glow magic and A LOT of it is has to do with those 5 products and drinking water all the time.

Overall my first trimester seems pretty mild compared to other women I’ve talked to. My morning sickness never really escalated that bad. Most days were good, just some days I would feel worse. I had one moment of vomiting but I think the state fair food I ate just didn’t sit right with me. I just was really tired, cried at literally everything I saw and peed every 15 mins (OH and the constipation -URGH). Other than that (and some random life stress) - my first trimester went by very easy and smooth.

So that’s it for now. I’m now 16 weeks and the 2nd trimester has been SO great. For sure will update you guys later on.

Thanks for reading along and again a huge thank you to Community Coffee for sponsoring this post.

Until next time!


Finding out we're pregnant. // Baby Kruse

Finding out we're pregnant. // Baby Kruse