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Well let me tell you about my #nationalcoffeeday this year. 

BASICALLY. It was epic. *all of the raising hands emoji's* 

The kind people over at @Keurig and @GreenMtnCoffee approached me regarding getting me involved with celebrating #nationalcoffeeday with them this year. Since I love coffee and keurigs, obviously it was a no brainer in accepting! I literally screamed like a little girl when my Keurig K250 landed on my door step (unfortunately target has sold out of the "Oasis" color - but so many more options to choose from here). 


Thankfully there are SO many great choices that @GreenMtnCoffee offers. I love that the offer a great range in flavors as well. One of my favorites was the Organic Peru Cajamarca. So so smooth, and full of flavor. I also REALLY REALLY love the pumpkin spice flavor as well! Their pumpkin spice is very spicy (like full of flavors, not so much like tabasco sauce) which is how I prefer my pumpkin drinks #basic. 

I've used Keurigs numerous times, but I feel like this new Keurig K250 is probably the easiest one I've ever used. They have now added a touch screen - which makes the step by step process so much easier. 

Just waitin for ma coffee.

YEY for coffee - drips and all. 

YEY for coffee - drips and all. 

Overall, I love my new Keurig and all the Keurig -cups that I get to indulge in. I can celebrate #nationalcoffeeday everyday!


Thanks so much to @Keurig and @GreenMtnCoffee for sponsoring this post and working with me.