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City Guide: Boston, Massachusetts. (Winter, 2019)

City Guide: Boston, Massachusetts. (Winter, 2019)

Whew, I have’t blogged in a while. Whoops!

To be honest, not a whole lot has happened this past year. I went back to school to finish my BSN, so school has been taking a lot of priority in my life currently. I spend most days attached to books and studying, so the thought of blogging over the past year hasn’t been that appealing. ANYWAY, Here we are again. Thanks for coming back!

So a few weeks ago I had the pleasure of making a quick little trip to Boston. A week prior to the trip, it had snowed for what seemed like the millionth time, and I said to myself, “I need to get out of this state.” I started researching plane tickets and flights to Boston were exceptionally reasonable. I called up my best pal, Bethany (https://www.instagram.com/hardcoversandcoffee/), who thankfully has an incredibly flexible work schedule, and asked her if she wanted to join. We decided to go during my spring break a week later, and thankfully all the stars aligned.

Boston was beautiful. A little cold, but beautiful. I guess that’s what happens when you go during the middle of the winter.

I decided to keep this blog post more organized, because I can really get going on the intricacies of the visit - but whose actually interested in that right? So i’ve categorized this post by : places to eat, places to check out and hotel.

First up:

Places to eat:

We really had some awesome food in Boston, here are some places we ate, that I LOVED.

  1. Ganko Ittetsu Ramen

    • I haven’t had a whole lot of authentic Ramen in my life, but from what I have had - this was INCREDIBLE. Amazing flavors, quick service and great staff (who were very helpful). If it means anything, this place was small, but packed with a variety of diverse people. I personally that speaks a lot when it comes to the authenticity of the place, and that a variety of people enjoy it!

  2. Tatte Bakery

    • Tatte is an iconic chain of cafe’s in Boston. I would say this caters more to the lunch crowd. They are known for their coffee/bakery items, but have breakfast items, sandwiches and soups. We got both great coffee drinks and good food when we visited. They have many locations spread out through the city, so take your pick!

3. Coppa Enoteca

  • By far my favorite restaurant we ate at. We were staying in the south end of Boston, so it was a 7 min walk from our hotel. They have italian food, and all their wood fire pizza’s and pastas were hand made. I still salivate when I think about it. Can’t recommend this place enough. We tried the “Salsicca” pizza and the “Tagliatelle” pasta. OMMMMGGGGG

  • I was really craving a good clam chowder, and yelp had this place as one of the top recommendations. They have AUTHENTIC new england clam chowder, and fish. I liked this place too because it was more fast casual, and reasonably priced. Are there a million other options for seafood in Boston? Of course, but we liked this place a lot that we tried.



Of course I went to Boston and had some great coffee. Here are all the Coffee shops we went to!

  1. Tatte Bakery - Already talked about it above. Really any of their coffee or food options are awesome!

  2. Loyal Nine

    • This is a cool hybrid restaurant/coffee shop. Love the modern vibes, and the coffee was awesome!


2. Curio Coffee

  • This was a classic coffee shop. Also their waffles are DELISH! So so good! Highly recommend.


3. GraceNote Coffee

  • I loved this cute little shop in the downtown area of Boston. They had a cute little space and lovely coffee!



The Revolution Hotel

*this was a gifted stay

The Revolution Hotel is located in the South End area of Boston. The surrounding neighborhood was very quaint and quiet, filled with colonial style homes. It felt very safe and close enough to walk to many different places.

The hotel itself has the philosophy of encouraging the traveler to get outside their rooms and explore the community. Majority of their rooms don’t have bathrooms in them. Some even have bunkbeds. Those floors have bathrooms (that are individual) that are down the hallway. In the hotel they have large and very inviting guest areas, filled with comfortable couches, lounge chairs, tables and desk like areas of the traveling person. Their style incorporates a vintage twist with modern and industrial elements sprinkled throughout. They have a bar area downstairs in the lower level, and on the main level they have a few lounge areas as well as a small coffee shop area.

We stayed in a room that DID have a bathroom in it. The room itself was small, but highly efficient. Again, the philosophy was that you would spend little time in the rooms, and more time exploring the area. Overall we had a great stay at The Revolution Hotel and would highly recommend it. A big thank you to The Revolution for our stay.

Things To Do:

I have SO many pictures of the places we visit, so I won’t bore you with those. Here is a list of places I highly recommend checking out if you go to Boston!

-Boston Public Library

-New England Aquarium

-Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum

-Brookeline Bookstore

So there you have it! Hope this city guide helps you! Let me know if you have questions!


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