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August 1st, 2016

If you didn't know, I am a full time nurse. 

Home girl most mornings doesn't have any time to get food ready for the day. So the easier the preparation - da better. 

One morning a couple of days ago, I was rushing around the house in a daze at 5:30a trying to think of what I could possibly bring to work with me, so I wouldn't eat an entire bag of chips by 11a. I saw the packages on my table, grabbed them and threw them into my purse and went about my day. 

Little did I know that the snack I grabbed would soon turn into my FAVORITE snack of all time.

So let me tell you a little more about this great product!

E&C Snacks recently sent me a couple of their "Hunkola" packages to try out. 

I'm not going to lie, sometimes I can be PRETTY skeptical of products that have "gluten free, vegan and Non-GMO" written on them. Obviously living "On a sugar diet" I mostly don't care about the healthy stuff. Well I take that back, I do, its just I believe in moderation, and I myself don't live with allergies or food intolerance.

I think we all have had something that is deemed "healthy" in our lives, and its just turned out plain GROSS. 

These Hunkola snacks are THEEEE opposite dooee. 

The best way I can describe these are..... Healthy chunks of oatmeal cookies. *all of the raising hand emoji's*

You can find the ingredients to the snacks here.

Thank you so much for sending these snacks my way!