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Finding out we're pregnant. // Baby Kruse

Finding out we're pregnant. // Baby Kruse

Take a big sip of coffee, this is going to be a long one.

Something I’ve learned about myself is that I don’t really cherish memories like others do ( or I cherish them differently than others do). In particular, I’ve learned that taking pictures is a creative outlet as opposed to a memory keeper. I prefer to capture the beauty I see in something (food, nature, coffee lol) as opposed to whipping out my camera because i’m hanging out with my best friends. Anyway - this isn’t a blog post about that (even though I could talk about this for a while), but its about me challenging myself to make a conscious effort to document and remember this period in my life and our future babies lives. The reality is, I’m just not skilled like others to create long lasting memories - my skills lie elsewhere, but I always appreciate in hindsight the memories (in particular pictures/stories) that have been documented. All of that to say - here is me talking about my first pregnancy.

When it comes to other bloggers, i’m not going to lie - I didn’t really read their blogs, unless it was about cooking or something. All of that changed when I got pregnant, I have been POURING into pregnancy posts, night time routines, what to have (or not have) on your registry, breast feeding tips, all the trimester updates and literally everything pregnancy related. It has been tremendously helpful to me getting different perspectives of other soon to be moms and moms out there. SO, if you’re like me and you just recently found out your pregnant and trying to prepare/navigate through this time - Hello! Here is how we found out we were pregnant.

omg, squarespace tanked on me, and this is my SECOND time trying to write this out!

Well first off: we were those incredibly lucky/blessed couples who got pregnant one month after birth control. I had been feeling like crap on the last six months of birth control. I’m not really sure why? I had been on BC for 7 years, and really the last six months were the worst. I’m talking my heart racing, dry cotton mouth for weeks, feeling/being sick all the time, super tired. I’m not sure if all of those were symptoms of birth control, but I knew something had to change. I was supposed to renew my birth control and go in for my yearly exam, which consisted of a pelvic exam and I needed a pap smear. I didn’t want to go through it, so I just asked Mike, “Can I just go off of birth control?” and it happened. We had always wanted kids, just wanted to start trying until after school (so maybe 2020ish). I had set my expectations REAL low for getting pregnant, because I was convinced I would be one of those women who had a hard time conceiving. I also convinced Mike the same.

Welp, that wasn’t the case at all. I took my last pack of BC in May, got pregnant somewhere around the end of June, and learned I was pregnant the beginning of July.

I had downloaded the “Flo” app, because I wanted to track my cycles now that I wasn’t on birth control. Around the beginning of July, my little Flo app was telling me I was 10 days late. Initially I thought this was just because I got off of birth control, because honestly, I wasn’t experiencing any pregnancy symptoms (or what I thought was the typical pregnancy symptoms) No nausea, no spotting, no dizziness, no smell aversions. So on July 7th, I went and bought some pregnancy tests and took my first pregnancy test.

Instant pregnancy line. (which I thought was faint at the time, but nope, it was defined). I panicked, then went STRAIGHT to denial. There was no way!!! So I decided to put it past me, and just take one in the morning, because that’s what google and everyone else recommended. So I woke up the next morning, took that pregnancy test and BAM. Instant pregnancy line. OMMMMGGGGGG all of the exploitives. Instant panic. OMG I have to wait for Mike to come home. OMG WHAT IS MIKE GOING TO SAY?!!? OMG IS MIKE GOING TO BE MAD?!? lols


So, I wait for Mike to come home that evening. Of course, I’m a complete and utter wreck on the inside, and cannot focus. My plan was to get him to take a shower (a ritual of his to get him off of “work” mode and onto “home” mode), make him sit down and show him the positive pregnancy tests. Of course, my plans fail again.

He walks through the door after getting home from work, with a $100 worth of craft beers and liquors for us to share. He’s telling me about his day, and how it was good and explaining all the beers we would try this upcoming weekend for fun. I tell him to go take a shower, trying not to allude to anything, and he just responds with “Naw, in a little bit”. I go sit down on the couch waiting for him, and then he cracks open that first beer.

Him: sips beer “Ohhh, this has lavender in it- you will LOVE.”

Me: nervously “Ohhhhh well thats nice.”

Him: comes around the corner “You should try - I think you’ll really like it.”

Me: panic rising “Um… not right now, i’m not in the mood…”

Him: “You should just take a sip..”

Me: “No, I really don’t want it right now.”

Him: chuckles “Why don’t you want any? …. Are you pregnant??”

Me: instant sobbing “ Yeaaaaaaahhhhh..”

Him: confused “Wait what?… Are you pregnant?”

Me: ugly girl crying “Yeah… i’m pregnant”

He then takes a second to realize what I just confirmed, and then wraps me up in a BIG hug. I can’t remember what he said afterward (because i’m slightly hysterical), but it was along the lines of omg this is amazing, this is a good thing, i’m so excited!! I know. What a man right?? I then end up showing him the pregnancy tests.

The rest of the evening he was in blissful shock. I looked over at him and he was just staring at the wall with a smile on his face. I kept asking him what he was thinking and what he was feeling, and he just reassured me he was happy. He then said I should take another one, lol, because he didn’t want to get his hopes up and then it be false. So we drove to target and I got a more expensive test and took it right away.

30 seconds later. A positive “Pregnant”.


So there you have it. How we both found out. After those first few days I then realized I was experiencing things I had never experienced before. I was having CRAZY vivid dreams and surprisingly, my skin was FLAWLESS. For sure had the pregnancy glow those first few weeks. I will have additional posts giving you updates on my first, second and third trimesters. So stay tuned for those if you are interested!

Overall, we are VERY excited for this baby and cannot wait till they arrive. :)


(This was me at almost 5 weeks)

(This was me at almost 5 weeks)

First Trimester Update // Baby Kruse

First Trimester Update // Baby Kruse

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