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April Reads

April Reads

April was a busy month for me. As much as I wanted to sit down and read the entire month, I just couldn't find as much time in my schedule for that. As a result, I read WAY fewer books this month then the previous months. That's okay though, because the few that I read, were pretty good. 

So here we go, 

1. Empire of Storms  by Sara J Maas book #5 in Throne of Glass Series


Rating: 4.5/5 

Description: This is the 5th book in the Throne of Glass series, were Aelin continues her journey to claiming the throne. She digs in deeper to her magic and continues to find herself stronger. New friendships are made and old friendships are challenged. Her romance between Rowan finds itself a lot stronger as well.


Review: I liked this book SOOOOOOOO much better than the previous 3 books. It was a lot more captivating and I felt like all the details that were laid out in this book were necessary (as opposed to some of the previous books). I was much more involved with the characters and I loved how the romance unfolded in the plot as well. This book I highly recommend! 


2. Renegades by Marissa Meyer book #1 in Renegades


Rating: 4.2/5 

Description: This young adult Dystopian is set in a time where populations of people are born with special and unique "powers". The world before was run by villians, but the good guys (Renegades) intervened and saved the day. The story is being seen through the eyes of Nova who we eventually learn has a different stance on the Renegades then most. 

Review: Overall this was a fun story with a very old school super hero/villian vibe. I enjoyed reading from the perspective of Nova and thought the author did a good job describing all of the super powers and strengths in all the characters. I wish there was a LITTLE more action or suspense in the book, it seemed a little predictable, but overall a good easy read. It will be interesting to see where the story goes with the following sequel of books. 


3. Scythe by Neal Shusterman book #1 in Arc of a Scythe


Rating: 4.8/5 

Description: This book is set in a time where humanity has conquered disease, war and essentially death. Humans live for many years and thanks to the Thunderhead, all information about whatever the world needs is right at their fingertips. Population growth still must be controlled, so Scythe's and their roles for humanity are introduced. 

Review: This book was so good. The author went deep with this book. How he wrote about this world essentially asked so many good questions about faith, knowledge and humanity. I found myself being very introspective on what I felt and what I believed while reading this book. It IS a young adult book and there is a storeline. The plot was VERY interesting and I for sure have never read anything like it before. I'm super excited to continue on with the series and see what else is involved in the world that he's created. 

So! There you have it. ALL the books I read for the month of April! 

Let me know if you'e read them before and what you think! Hope you enjoy! 




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What I've been up to in April