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So,  this massive box showed up outside my door this morning. The second the mailman dropped it off, it was inside and I was digging in to see more. 

Freshly approached me recently and asked I would be interested in trying out their meal service. Of course I said YES! I had always wanted to try a meal service that shipped directly to your door! 

Freshly is a nation wide company that prepares food and sends it directly to their customers. They have plans ranging from 4 meals per week starting at around $50 up to 12 meals per week at around $105. Their meals are - 

1. Always gluten free. 

2. High protein and Low Carb. 

3. Never have processed sugars 

4. Always all natural. 

OH, and I don't have to cook any of it? I can just heat it up and eat away? Sign me up! 

Ever since I started my 2nd job at a hospital, I've been learning to make my lunches and dinners to bring to work with me, The second this showed up - that is the first thing I thought about - THESE are perfect meals for when I am incredibly busy, but want good and healthy food. 

The 4 meals I am trying out from Freshly are : 

1. Penne Bolognese


2. Southwest Chicken Bowl 


3. Three Bean Turkey Chili 

4. Grilled Flat Iron Steak 

I still haven't tried all the of meals (since I just got it today), but since it was around lunch time when I received this, I decided to choose one and dig in! 

I went for the Penne Bolognese, and WOAH. This meal was GUUUUUDDDD. 

I honestly couldn't believe how amazing it was! The pasta tasted JUST like normal pasta, but is completely gluten free. The meat and spices in this dish were phenomenal, and I loved the cut up carrots! It was so filling, that I actually only ended up eating half and saving the rest for another day this week! 2 meals in 1! Also, it heated up in 2 mins... like NBD. 


Overall, I think this meal service is perfect for individuals who lead pretty lives and need help in the kitchen! It very convenient, very quick and the meals are AMAZING. I would highly recommend if you were looking for a service similar to this!


I can't wait to try the other meals later this week! Let me know if you are curious on how they turned out! Also, you can find Freshly's website here.  Thank you to the Freshly team for sending this my way! I loved it! 






#GalentinesDay : Radison Blu Mall of America

#GalentinesDay : Radison Blu Mall of America