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Don't we all have men in our life that are great - but we honestly have no idea what to get them when it comes time for their birthdays or something special? Well I recently discovered Mbox and they have solved issues for us women out there that have no idea what to get our man. 

Mbox company reached out to me and asked if I would like to collaborate with them. I read about their products and thought it would be a cool site to tell you guys about, especially if you have a man in your life who likes to get spoiled too. 


Mbox is a great service that provides gift boxes to extraordinary men : Here's how it works, 

1. You can either choose or create a custom box. 

2. You can engrave or personalize the items that you choose or customize. 

3. The box can be shipped directly to the person you are gifting it to. 

My husband is V much into services like this. So I decided to pick out a couple items that I thought my husband might enjoy. I chose the 

1. The Copper flask - cause every man needs one of these right? 

2. The Decanter - cause he likes to pour his fancy whiskey into fancy things, and then pour that into a fancy glass.

3. The Bkey - cause literally his phone always is running out of battery. 

All of the items are SUPER classic, and he loves them a lot. 

So if you have an extraordinary man in your life, I would highly recommend checking out their site, you can find it


Thank you so much to Mbox for sending some products to me and sponsoring this post! 

#GalentinesDay : Radison Blu Mall of America

#GalentinesDay : Radison Blu Mall of America