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So Hi.

So I think I've made every excuse to not create a blog until now.

A couple of them being, 

1. Its hard to create a blog (if you've never tried, just try and if its a piece of cake for you, then I should give you a hug) 

2. Do people even read blogs anymore? 

3. Do I even have content to share? 


So there you have it, some of the excuses I've been telling myself for a while now. I also have talked to some bloggers out there and some love blogging and some think of it as a chore, so overall I've become hesitant.


Some may know this, most may not, but I actually started a beauty blog a couple of years ago.


I created the blog in 24 hours and started writing blog posts shortly after. I was DRAINED immediately. 

I soon learned that after all the hard work of designing a blog from the ground up (this time around i'm just using a template- PRAISES) and creating beauty content consistently (on a budget); blogging was not going to be easy. So a couple months after I started (I think I posted 3 times) I gave up and quit. 

A year later I yearned for an outlet to express my creativity again, hence @onasugardiet was created on Instagram. I don't think I told ANYONE about it (including my husband) for a solid month. That month went by and BOOM I somehow started attracting follower after follower (Still ask Jesus everyday why people follow me). Onasugardiet was made in May of 2015 and now 8 months later, I have almost 5,000 followers. 

I say that because I do like "micro" blogging as people call it. Its so much easier to post a photo that took me 5 minutes to edit on VSCO, add a caption that expresses my thoughts at the moment and post it live for the world to see 10 mins later (or at least thats how Instagram works for me).

After 8 months of doing the Instagrammer life (hashtag basic), I started re-thinking blogging. 

I am following multiple bloggers on Instagram (whether fashion, lifestyle, food, etc..) and have been for a while now, and not only did I fall in love with their feed (aesthetic, images and what not) but I GENUINELY wanted to learn more about them and read what they have to say.  I enjoyed following them on Instagram so much that it intrigued me to also follow their blog as well. So I started reading their blogs, and as a result, felt like I could connect on another level with them.

The more I thought about how their blogs connected me with them and their content, the more I wanted that opportunity for myself and my instagram followers.


1. If I were to EVER write this much on a Instagram post, people would be like #bye. 

2. I really never put that much effort into my Instagram captions, they truly are what I am thinking at that moment in time.

3. People go on Instagram to see pictures, not read paragraphs of information.

4. People who really care about what you have to say will read your blog, and those who don't care, wont read and will stick to Instagram- Plain and simple.


Here are my intentions with this blog : I want the opportunity for people to connect with me beyond a picture and 10 words on Instagram.


I'm not sure what kind of content I will write about, So people that advise me to JUST stick to one thing, I'm sorry.

Also, I really really suck at grammar. Thankfully my husband is a grammar Nazi. If I have the courage to ask him to edit some posts I will, but just go ahead and get used to me no knowing engrish. 

I may be a sporadic poster, but to be honest, blogging is not my passion. 

I DO want people to know that I am a genuine person, who loves to explore, meet people, try new foods, fashion, travel to local places, travel to distant places, beauty products, being a nurse and living my life with purpose. 


So again, those who have made it this far in the post and have been following me on Instagram for a while, I APPRECIATE you. I just want people to know that I love them, and thank you for taking the time to read what I have to say. I hope this silly little blog of mine can give you a sense of who I am and make you feel like you know me more than just my pictures on instagram.




aka Onasugardiet.


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